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We're really proud of the people who work at Accenture. We work with leading companies from a wide range of industries, exploring the future challenges of business and developing cutting-edge solutions that can be relied on. You can read about some of our recent projects on this page.

  • “It’s fantastic to be trusted”

    Born in England, and living in Belgium since 2005, Daniel Wincott completed his master’s degree in Management with a t...

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  • ‘Always new things to learn and new people to connect with. That’s the angle I really like’

    Koen is a natural communicator. And like every good communicator, he is endlessly curious. He has discovered the perfect...

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  • What’s the impact of mentoring on your career? Meet Julie!

    Julie didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do when she joined Accenture. Thanks to a variety of roles and projects, plus m...

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  • “I’ve come a long way to being open about who I am, so if I can help others, why not?”

    Accenture’s inclusive culture was a magnet for Sven. A vocal advocate of tolerance, he has a gift for uniting and organizing...

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  • What matters the most it is that we all move forward together

    Floriane helps organizations to build cyber resilience and grow confidently. Continuous growth is also essential for her,...

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  • “There are many ways to unleash your creativity at Accenture”

    Sam is big-hearted about everything he does. From sharing his Murex expertise with people around the world to bringing joy...

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  • What qualities make a great Agile Coach? Meet Juliana!

    The seeds of change were planted early in Juliana’s life, starting with a move from Colombia to Belgium aged 13. Today, her j...

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  • Is reimagining everything really possible? Meet Benjamin!

    For Benjamin, consulting is all about helping people succeed and challenging the status quo. And he gets to do this in an...

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  • “You need role models close to your reality. Then you realize you can also succeed”

    Meta thrives on connections. She provides lynchpin support for Accenture sales teams on new innovative business opportunities...

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