Is reimagining everything really possible? Meet Benjamin!

For Benjamin, consulting is all about helping people succeed and challenging the status quo. And he gets to do this in an industry that fascinates him. The daily challenge of reimagining what is possible can be as scary as it is exciting and rewarding.

  • Meet Benjamin Berton | Accenture Strategy & Consulting

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"Every day I’m not out of my comfort zone is a ‘lost day’ – I’m lucky there’s been very few of them at Accenture!"

Benjamin Berton (1992)

Studied: Business Engineering (Finance) 
Started working at Accenture: 2015

Accenture is: Amazing people, fun & lots of challenges
Loves: Sports (basketball, running, skiing…)
Gets annoyed by: Waiting, status quo, Excel crashes
Favorite food: I can’t decide (which is often the case in restaurants too…)
On my nightstand: Travel books, Trends-Tendances (and occasionally traffic fines)
Listens to: My friends usually put on ‘Opus’ when they want to energize me; while I often go for ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer when I need to focus
Would like to sit next to in the plane: The Head of UNICEF Cameroon - that already happened last March on the way to the Accenture Global Ski & Snowboard Challenge in Andorra (and it was actually a great conversation, so I’d love to get the updates) – otherwise Denzel Washington and Elon Musk (as I always end up in the middle seat anyway)
Life-changing event(s): My student exchanges in the USA (2012) and Singapore (2014)
The best lesson life has taught me: Everything is possible
Most beautiful place on earth: Montaña de Siete Colores (Peru) closely followed by the Taj Mahal and the Maldives 
Hobbies/passions: Basketball, traveling
What nobody knows about me: I appeared in the video clip of a ‘summer hit’ some years ago in the South of France
Life motto: High achievements always take place in the framework of high expectations.