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We’re really proud of the work we do at Accenture. Our people make a difference. Meet some of our colleagues and read their stories. Together, we make Accenture the thriving company and community that it is.

  • “There are many ways to unleash your creativity at Accenture”

    Sam is big-hearted about everything he does. From sharing his Murex expertise with people around the world to bringing joy...

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  • What qualities make a great Agile Coach? Meet Juliana!

    The seeds of change were planted early in Juliana’s life, starting with a move from Colombia to Belgium aged 13. Today, her j...

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  • Is reimagining everything really possible? Meet Benjamin!

    For Benjamin, consulting is all about helping people succeed and challenging the status quo. And he gets to do this in an...

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  • A flourishing low-carbon world is possible, if we all take action now!

    Protecting the environment for future generations is a commitment Accenture shares with its people. In this video, Technology...

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  • “The most essential part of the change is explaining its why”

    After being an Architect for 7 years, Amina Farhat (34) decided to restart her career in technology back in 2017 when she...

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  • “Accenture is a great environment to be creative and have an impact.”

    Julie Masri (32) has been with Accenture since May 2021, as an Associate Manager in the Financial Services department. She is...

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  • “It’s great to feel the adventure of being an entrepreneur but with the support of a huge company.”

    Charles de Froidmont started at Accenture four years ago and is now the Open Banking Lead and the Financial Service lead on...

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  • Working on a proposal with a client feels like co-creating a unique piece of art

    Ann-Charlotte (29) has a big love for international life, she likes traveling (sometimes by bike) where she can discover new...

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  • “Sales is more than just selling. We listen to the client and exchange ideas.”

    Matthieu Gaeremynck has done it all: from service management over to consulting and finally into sales. He started at...

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