“We give wings to new ideas”

What makes a good team, great?

How do people from different backgrounds, with diverse skills and perspectives, collaborate successfully? Do shared passions and humor help? Abhilash, Luisa, Sonia, Timo and Umberto reveal their team secrets…

Jazz is the chosen soundtrack of our lives, virtual team meetings and (once it’s possible again) team celebrations. We have a team call every morning, usually with Umberto playing some nice jazz saxophone in the background to create a cheerful mood. We never skip these informal moments to connect and share small talk. Every call starts with another shared passion: food! More specifically, discussing what we ate the night before. We even send food to each other sometimes. And then of course, there’s chocolate… but we draw the line at pineapple on pizza.

We come from different backgrounds and our skills, personalities and nationalities are very complementary. In fact, this symbiosis is necessary. We need it to bring multiple perspectives to complex problems and come up with relevant solutions. We want to deliver a total project that is understandable for all our stakeholders, from management to techies. Everything we propose is client-centric, not “off the shelf”.

Bringing change to a client or the world involves lots of different perspectives and talents. We’d like to use our skills to support responsible businesses everywhere to serve society better and ensure a more equitable future for all.

Our current project is helping to design and implement a new data platform in the cloud for a client in Luxembourg. You need a whole bunch of different skills to make that happen, from technology, to change management and cybersecurity. Together, we tick all the boxes. We want to be remembered by all our clients for delivering a good result. What made us really proud recently was hearing our client say, “I’m nothing but impressed!”

We use the power of technology to give wings to new ideas. It’s not about the cloud itself. It’s about what the cloud enables people to do better. Data processing in the cloud is faster, more responsive and accurate. Repetitive daily tasks can be automated. And of course, the cloud comes with state-of-the-art security standards to protect sensitive data from cyber criminals. Once up and running, the new platform we’re helping to create will give users greater agility, autonomy and more time and opportunities to come up with new stuff. It will also help to increase the trust and stability of the markets they serve.

Security-by-design is at the heart of adopting Cloud with confidence. Discover how we deliver on that promise in this vlog by Sonia and Abhilash. 

Every challenge can be approached in a fun and innovative way. Having a good sense of humor in a team definitely helps, also a willingness to be flexible and a determination to have fun and motivate each other! When something changes during a project, we overcome it by getting proactively involved in that change. Even in current times, when the only way to build and maintain a positive relationship with our client counterparts is via virtual channels, we keep communication channels open and never stop looking for ways to improve that relationship. We’re not afraid to take a step back and re-define what needs to be done together with our client, so that everything is successfully finished on time. Table tennis and monopoly also feature high on our skills list!

Some of us have never met in person. But we’ve definitely nailed the art of effective virtual collaboration! We really enjoy discovering more about each other as people and pushing through these challenging Covid times together. We respect and support each other; we share honest and transparent feedback and learn from each other. When we can finally get to meet in person, our team celebration will definitely include good food (without any pineapple) and maybe an “Accenture’s Got Talent” session featuring a saxophone concert by Umberto and a Hawaiian themed stand-up comedy show!

Who’s who?


Luisa is passionate about innovation and change management and moved to Luxembourg from Italy three years ago.


Tom is a new joiner at Accenture, fresh from university, and he’s fascinated by new and emerging technologies (cloud, AI, blockchain…).


Sonia our cybersecurity expert is passionate about Belgian fries and working in an international environment.


Umberto is endlessly curious and happiest when trying to find innovative answers to tricky problems.


Timo is the glue between the team and the client, having worked at Accenture for more than 13 years, bringing a broad experience in project management, cloud transformation and data center consolidation.


Abhilash has extensive experience in digital technologies and finance services, which makes him a natural interface between the two.

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