“Accenture is a great environment to be creative and have an impact.”

Julie Masri (32) has been with Accenture since May 2021, as an Associate Manager in the Financial Services department. She is still quite new to the company, but already knows about the cliché: “Before I joined I was told there is a lot of competition between the people here. But I haven’t felt any of that. On the contrary, I have the support from everybody around me.”

You have a strong background in the IT and banking industry. Is that why you choose to work for Accenture?

Before Accenture I worked at an IT company as a consultant for seven years. I managed to grow my knowledge on several projects for large international banks. So when I saw the opening for this role, I knew it was time for a change. Accenture has a strong footprint in Belgium, and with that comes a nice portfolio of clients. So my main goal is to support the growth of the company. Doing so out of my perspective in an IT delivery role.  

You are passionate about IT and highly motivated. How do you maintain your work-life balance?

I always say you are the boss of your own agenda

Some people put more priority on the work, some others on family time. Accenture gives you the flexibility to manage that yourself. Also the fact that we can work from home nowadays, really helps finding a good balance. We almost have more flexibility than some of our clients do. So I guess it’s all about setting the right priorities and sharing it around you so that people know what to expect from you.

What do you like the most about the company?

There are three elements which I feel have a great impact on our lives at Accenture: the team spirit, ambitious people and continuous improvement. My colleagues will probably confirm when I say we work together as one team towards one goal. That is what energizes me the most. Even though there can be challenges from time to time: there is always a way to be creative and have a change. And if you have any doubts about something, you can always rely on your team members.

What advice can you give to someone applying for a job at Accenture?

If you want the job, but you aren’t certain you have the right profile or skills, don’t hesitate to apply. Even if you don’t match the description at first glance, becoming an expert takes time. But what is more important than the right skills, is the right attitude. Because the skills you can learn. Besides that, gender diversity is a hot topic at Accenture. We still have work to do on that part, but we have the right focus on how to do so. So what I just said about matching the description is particularly important for my female colleagues.

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